About us

Inner Circle Private Limited (ICPL) was founded in 2017 by SAJIDA Foundation to provide evidence-based early interventions for children facing special needs and developmental delays. Situated in Gulshan, Dhaka, our state-of-the-art facility spans 8,000 square feet and proudly collaborates with international organisations. Our comprehensive range of services includes Applied Behaviour Analysis-Verbal Behaviour (ABA-VB), Speech and Language Therapy (SLT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Social Skill Programmes, Mental Health Interventions, and Counselling.

At ICPL, we focus on children between the ages of 2 and 14 who require specialised attention and support. Within our team, we boast highly skilled Behavior Specialists, Certified Therapists, Clinical Counsellors, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists who have received international training. To ensure the highest quality care, all our therapists work under the supervision of board-certified behavior analysts. We strongly believe in the active involvement of families in their child’s individualised programme as they play a vital role in their mental development. Our approach recognises the importance of collaboration with families, valuing their unique insight and expertise.


Inner Circle Private Limited, a concern of the Sajida Foundation, was founded by Onaiza Owais back in 2017. To fill the gap in quality therapy for ABA-VB, ICPL started with 4 children and 3 therapists. The organisation was formed in partnership with Autism Recovery Network (ARN), a leading ABA-VB service provider based in Singapore. Within 3 years, ICPL moved to an 8,500 square feet state-of-art facility.


To unlock potential in individuals with special needs and mental health concerns through high-quality interventions for successful integration into mainstream education and communities.


Create an inclusive world for everyone with special needs and mental health concerns.
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